Saturday, December 5, 2009


Rylee and Dylan
Rylee posing with her friends

Having a blast running around the yard!

She LOVED the cake (especially the icing!)

Birthday prince and princess (Brant's birthday is the same day as Rylee's)

Playing with her new bubble machine that aunt Kelly and Brant gave her

Attempt at a family picture - not easy!

Ready for her "Finding Nemo" party!

Rylee and Dylan playing in her new Dora tent

Rylee and Dylan outside (again!)

We traveled to Louisiana to my parents for Thanksgiving this year! We have so much to be thankful for and really enjoyed our time there. Now that cousin Dylan is walking, Rylee enjoyed playing with him. Both of them LOVED playing outside and running around the yard. Since Rylee's birthday is so close to Thanksgiving we had a "Finding Nemo" birthday party for her while we were there. Rylee had a blast playing with the other kids! It is hard to believe she is two already...she is constantly amazing me with new things that she learns. She is really into singing, she loves mommy and daddy to sing and then she will try to sing along!

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